Of our Culture, and the World in the 21st Century. Superiority, Empowerment, and Freedom. Survival, Global Development Agenda Industrialization, power and Influence. Independence and Corruption.

Freedom and Empowerment is the Embodiment of American Nationalism. The flagship holder of the West, Western Imperialism, or Westernization.

Exploration, Trade and Spirit of Adventure lead to the discovery of our Lands by an already progressive civilized society. It is recorded in history also that the Europeans scramble for Africa was fuelled by their need for unexploited resources in Africa to boost their Industries back home. Industrialization was the reason for the scramble for Africa’s unexploited resources. The missionaries’ arrival brought about education and religion. A new culture and order. What they carried overseas to our primitive cultures. With education the environment our cultures thrived on and we survived upon were disrupted. Foundations for new order and civilization for global development was underway.

Extinction, Dinosaurs lived thousands of years ago but their existence was hinged upon a favorable environment then. A devastating but inevitable external force in an ever evolving World came and not only interrupted but led to the destruction their Habitat. They did not successfully adapt to this drastic change in their environment, which placed the Human on top of the Food Chain, inevitable, significant and Life changing, our reality today. Just like the dinosaurs evolved, and the species became extinct, our cultures had to either adapt for survival to the new environment and culture brought about by the new civilization, which didn’t allow for our past practices which we keep abandoning, or suffer extinction.

It is evident today that cultures that got exposed to the new order first and became early adopters quickly became super powerful communities, while the marginalized have little or no development to date. They bear the brunt of harsh living conditions, and tough economic pressures compared to their exposed counterparts, despite their Cultural Preservation.

It is sad that the educated and early adopters of the new order exploit the vulnerability of the marginalized communities in the name of cultural preservation. And package them as Cultural specimen. These communities are experiences the suffering of a dying people. The basic necessity they lack, and are not provided for by their learned counterparts, is evidence that, the environment that was conducive for their cultures, practices and way of life is disrupted. Encroachment to water catchment areas, hence the need for piped water. Population explosion hence diminished pasture lands. The need to earn a living as a means for survival because of economics, which would not support their herdsman ways, in trade and communication. The lack of education, an important tool of this age. They should get to adapt or die out. They lack the skills to survive in a new order.

The new order was inevitable. Modernization would bring solutions to many native problems, and those that would come with modernization. Governance, diseases, transport and communication etc. Modernization would empower and prepare natives for the changes of an unavoidable inevitable evolution. It was good as Africans went to school and began enjoying the benefits of modern life. Personal freedom and Empowerment through education. Colonization was an educative induction into the Modern World then. Without inevitable mishaps. The foundations laid then are the skeletons of our civilized society now. We ignorantly for our Pride and autonomy, and selfish interests revolted so as to govern ourselves, and it is taking us years to get to development. The citizens even paying a price with their blood, in ethnic clashes and crimes and civil strife, due to increasing gap between the rich and poor, unequal distribution of resources left like land, economic crimes, and corruption.

We should empower our people for freedom. Instead of complicated confusion. It should be clear that we’re living in new cultural dispensations, where our cultures will not thrive but be monuments of our past. Our ‘conquerors’ are so kind as to offer us equal opportunities, economically, scholarly, to the extent of a Black African becoming the president of the flagship of westernization. We should embrace this phenomenon positively, globalization, westernization, colonize our communities and empower them with necessary skills for this order and civilization. Let’s not punish our people in the name of cultural preservation. We should embrace ourselves for an inevitable future. We shouldn’t fight wars for pride or autonomy and selfish interest but for reason. 40 years of independence, 40 years of trying to live in a new civilization, barely achieving this. We shrug off the superiority and dominance of western influence over our lives. Politicians do that for Political Mileage and survival, in the fear of being exposed as corrupt individuals and criticism for poor governance or leadership.

What is the truth behind Global development and the need to safeguard Freedom, peace and empowerment? Find out…

What is the Real reason behind Global development? Power and Influence.