Though other people tend to accuse superior cultures of ill will in targeted or intentional cultural imperialism, the phenomenon is of nobody’s creation, but evolutionary advancement propelled by technological and transport infrastructure development, and ICT (Information Communication Development) or Globalization. Globalization has actually offered opportunities and lifelines to dozens, who seek wages from its value systems. And on whose survival is hinged upon lest the risk of extinction is imminent through continued depletion of favorable environmental conditions of the past that they depended upon. Catastrophes like famine, diseases, and harsh economic conditions of the present can only be solved by present structures. Piped water, education and technical skills to be competitive, without which marginalized communities are on their slow deathbeds and on the verge of extinction. Globalization through media is the fore most provider of information today hence crucial educator. Claims of intentional cultural imperialism are just inadequate and prejudiced,deviations and Propaganda and highly polarize masses spread by people in positions in society.