It seems the whole class drew to a conclusion that hip hop is driven by commercialization. This is a very misinformed conclusion, which insinuates that even the Hip Hop message is commercialization despite the fact that, the Black Empowerment, struggles and Civil rights activism is still present.

From Health to Welfare, to Employment and Education.

Following mainstream media as many of the people here do, meaning they are part of a group of spectators and commentators who follow hip hop to critic it from the sidelines, or don’t even know what REAL hip hop is or is all about.

This group misses the point, since they don’t even buy or acquire Music Albums.

If they did it would be clear that, even the most successful of mainstream artists allocate a meager amount of slots for Commercial music. It would be clear and evident that that type of music accounts for a very small percentage of the bulk of Hip Hop albums Messages. It is understood that, in an album, sales are an important factor. The money they make, like any other business pay for costs of production, studio fees.. And also depend on these sales as Income for Full time Artists. But most importantly, these commercially motivated songs are intended to promote the sales of these albums. It is not that Hip Hops Message is commercialization. It has never changed. In these Albums, you will find that the real content, the most valuable content is pushing the Hip Hop message, of Empowerment, Freedom, Inspiration, and Love. This message is what drives Hip Hop.

The general analysis of the class to me is based on Commercial Music Videos which the Artists make for promotional purposes. And Music awards events, which honor commercial appeal, and also echo largely the real sentiments which are audible to only those who really listen to hip hop.

Jay Z – Spiritual Leader. .

Endeavors, Ambition, Motivation. A lot of Symbolism

Death of auto tune, is Jay Z rebuking or showing his resentment towards commercialization.. And His Album Blue Print 3 is evident to the fact, only one song is commercial. And the song might even have another meaning.

His album, American Gangster too, is full of mature sentiments.. Contrary to allegations..

Please get Hip Hop Correctly, Hip Hop Isn’t about Commercialization. Publicity is, about commercialization. And Publicity is and has always been driven by other people with different motives. To Brand Package, sell as A Product and Export, The White Imperialists Hand.

You should try that, I know that. If you rapping all about ‘ money’ (in quotes), you ain’t gonna rap for long.. Know that. You should have something else, the knowledge and Identity of the black situation is that something else you should exude in your attitude. That Sharing of that consciousness is audible in the music..

Hip hop is about Belief too.. Many have depicted it in reference or in the lines of commercialization and public Image. This is an attitude close related to ‘what you see is what you get’. So observing Publicity and public image amounts to what you see is what you get and.. Indeed, ‘ what you see is what you get.’