Listen to these songs first. N.I.G.G.E.R

Lil Wayne Misunderstood

My President is Black Nas

Jay Z, Roc Boyz , Sweet, Alternative LFSTLE Playlist. Healer Rhetoric .. New direction of Hip Hop Music.

Then Special Vlc Playlist

Then Mof vlc Playlist. The Making of Freemason, the Jay Z talk, Freemason song, May Bach Music II lost verse.. Empire..

Then Jay Z Warren Buffet Interview, then Desert Photo-shoot.. May Bach Empire.

In any case, or facts in essence, adult entertainment wasn’t pioneered by the black community. Playboy, and all other forms of pornography and adult entertainment is not because of the black community or Hip Hop Nor is Prostitution.

So, I don’t support claims of promotion or support of Misogyny in any case way case or form.

A question for all analytics of hip hop, what is it you are really after. Hip Hop as A culture, and hip hop music being a cultural

Component as of other cultures. How easy is it for you to get straight answers on anything?

Being that, cultural music is there to depict a lot of phases in a culture and community.

This probe almost and is trending very close to, Prejudice and Racial Profiling.

There’s, celebratory music,( all , Crank Music, with definitive dance beats , and promoting the Dance Culture )

There’s Mourning music,

There’s Romantic music, (in hip hop’s case, R n b music, neo – soul ,

There’s Warrior music, (in hip hop’s case , Hardcore rap)

There’s Patriotic Songs (Nas, Young Jeezy, Common, Jay Z nd Kanye’s State Music,

There’s Folk Songs (Jazz, Soul ..

So what y’a ll talking about, influential? Culture, Direction, Phenomenon, kinda not clear.. ? Financial success, (Mainstream Music)?

In the end it depends if tickles your fancy, wit, foolery or intellect.

it’s difficult, so the Status Quo is , I think you are talking bout the mainstream , commercial music , business and influence,

First, they talked about culture, oppression, struggle, discrimination and unemployment due to racial segregation. The black American experience.

Then they talked about crime, drugs, junkies, peddlers and pushers in capitalistic attempts to make money out of their own misery, by exploiting peoples,

Needs for consumerism and entertainment. This bore Gangster Rap, which talked of Crime and Ego. Being the Best amongst themselves. and Organized crime.

Today, they’re exploiting the worldwide appeal, and capitalizing on their commercial success, and making the most out of the business as it is. The influence of international

Capitalism. Big Business Empires.

I don’t know much about the Past or the Track Documentation but my counterpart is given y ‘ all all the information y’all need.

I will take you through Production example of sampling, and the Present direction of the Hip Hop message inclined on Empire Building being fronted

And I’d say fostered by the effort of Jay Artiste, Rapper, Entrepreneur, Founder of the now defunct Roc a fella Records name inspired by American Industrialist

John D Rockefeller. In his example to building an Influential Financial, Social and business empire. He is presently C.E.O of Roc Nation, a New Age Record Label, in Partnership with, Live Nation. A

Distribution and Live Show Company.

Its Big Business is a popular Catch Phrase in Hip Hop Today.

Influential, Hip Hop Leaders, Lil Wayne, to Rick Ross, Soulja Boy Tell -Em, T.i, Sean Diddy Combs,

Dj Khaled,Kanye West,Young Jeezy, Drake,Curency, Kid Cudi, Young Money Group, and Jay Z all preach Big Business as the new Liberation . And Mentoring the

Future and direction of the World.. Not only the Black Community.

In its production, hip hop music has heavily made use and raised the art industry notches high.. Ranging to Modeling cast agencies, professional photographers and videographers,

Costume makers, Graphic Artists, Computer Animators and Graphic designers. Clothe Designers..

The Highest Levels of Production were reached beginning the year 2008, with the Release of numerous Albums by the best

Lil Wayne’s Carter 3, Common’s album finding forever. For forever, T.I’s Album Paper Trail, Young Jeezy’s Album the Recession, Nas’s Album NIGGA Which drew alot of controversy. California’s the Game Album L.A.X. Lil Scrappy’s Born to Die, Bred to Win. And Plies Album. Most notable albums of that year.

Then, Came 2009, which witnessed the entry of numerous new producers in a Kanye West and Swizz Beats Dominated Foray. Lil Wayne Dominated with his REBIRTH Album, His

Young Money Entertainment Group Outfit.

His No Ceilings no Walls mix tapes early 2010. His is the Highest Level of Production for me in Hip Hop, Together with a Major Influence

From his signee’s Drake Debut entry into Hip Hop Mix tape So Far Gone. This Level of Production has been lost, and was majorly

Affected by Lil Wayne’s as the Leader Jail Sentence, which he served for Most of 2010, as Hip Hop had just reached the highest level.

with notable works , Best I ever Had – Drake, Every Girl – Young Money, Wasted and the whole of No Ceilings no walls . The production

Has a new beginning with new albums coming up. I ‘M not a Human Being, the Leak mix tapes and highly anticipated album that dropped this summer tha Carter 4.


All Because of you, Marcus Houston

Throw it in the Bag, Fabolous, and the Dream.

Throw it in the Bag Remix, Lil Wayne,

Currency’s, Jet Life to the Next Life.


Jay Z

Rick Ross, May Bach Music Empire.

Dj Khaled, We the Best Movement

Lil Wayne, Birdman, Young Money Cash Money Billionaires, Loyalty.. And all other songs he does, I’m On One. The Carter 3 was a culmination of the rebirth of the Culture (3 peat (A Milli) Misunderstood, Mrs. Officer) and was highly successful followed by an equally successful REBIRTH Album that infused Rock into his music, Prom Queen, On Fire.

Sean Diddy Combs, Ciroc Drinks

DipSet Crew, Camron n Juelz Santana.

Kanye West, Roc Nation, Good Music

Young Jeezy, Roc Nation..


mix tapes



In the end, I’d Say To conclude. This is just a culture. A business. Skills perfected into artistic Practice.

Because I think at this level, in Campus, this is no longer a phenomenon, but for 15 yr. olds, fascinated by make believe.

Who should be best placed to do an analytics for such studies. This is not a choice for some.

In the end it depends if tickles your fancy, wit, foolery or intellect. Thank you