Beauty Lies in the eyes of The Beholder ..
the Best of Friends Mustn’t necessarily be The Ones tha t LOVE You The Most …
and Where You Come From From IS not the Best Place to be .. but it’s the Best Because it is your Place .. ..
Women , Please Help Fulfill Mens Fantasies,,
BALANCE.. NEW BALANCE.. FIND THE BALANCE//twit)From_Suffix_To_No_Ceilings

What Lies in Darkness( in the Unknown ) Is Most ColourFull../
# Women We Run The World // yeah you do, coz the World ‘s a Bi*ch Nowdays..
evoke ..
the Voice..
i love illustry , but where am from we ‘re not used to exhibits because we’ re modest..
To livin Secret Lives Now ..
The Parables of Jesus Christ.. the Pharisees.
Find your Voice .. Find the Voice for others .. # get collected .